using the new time conversion feature


Apr 18, 2004
Hello Neal,

When using the time conversion feature, I can pull up a box that lists the actual conversions, but I cannot enter any values into the boxes themselves. IfI select the up arrow,I can get the numberI want eventually, but this isn't efficient. Any I missing something here? How do I enter numbers into the boxes using the keyboard?

I'm confused as to which area you are talking about. Is this the Edit...Time Converter feature? If so, you can rapidly scroll by holding down the + or - keys on your keyboard. If it is a real time such as 1:30 you can type that in to the second entry box. The converted value will appear in the bottom result box and the clipboard button can be clicked to capture the value, however it is automatically copied to the clipboard as well.

Hi Neal,
I'm having the same problem as English. I find the Time Converter unusable. It would be nice if I could keep the Time Chart on my screen while entering times into my logbook, but it seems to me the program should allow me to enter minutes directly into the time fields and automatically convert them to hours. Perhaps the user could define the hours/minutes cutoff, e.g. any value greater than 10 would be assumed to be minutes versus hours. I am new to this program, so please let me know if I am missing an easy way to convert minutes to hours.
I am referring to the Time Converter under the Edit Menu. I am having the same problem English reported previously. I cannot input times into the fields except by scrolling through lots of numbers. Further, I cannot keep that window or the Time Chart window displayed while inputting data into my logbook. I would like to be able to efficiently convert my times while filling in time fields. Do you have a suggestion?
Thank you for the feedback. I'll log it for review. The time converter was designed to open, enter a time value, copy the conversion to the clipboard and close. I'll look at enhancing it per your suggestions.