Using the Pocket PC with Two Computers


Oct 29, 2003
If I buy the professional upgrade for logbook pro, is there any way to use my pocket pc with both computers?

I currently have logbook pro on my home computer and the pocket pc companion. I would like to install log book pro on to my notebook computer which I keep atanother location. Than use the pocket pc to tranfer my data to which ever one is available.

I realize the pocket pc companion is not a full logbook and that I would have to sync the logbooks using a back-up file, but I would like to download the pocket pc as often as possible to not risk losing the data.

As long as the Pocket PC Companion is used for the same pilot, no, this is not a problem. As for 'how-to's' you'd have to experiment with the configuration of your partnership and ensure you sync your data to one computer before you use the PPC with the other computer. I personally have not dealt with this nor tested this usage and differing partnerships/computers.

To try this before I buy (i.e. it's got to work to make it worth it) I went ahead and installed my logbook pro on my notebook computer. If I can get this to work, I will pay for the professional upgrade. Otherwise, I will take logbook pro back off the notebook as it will do me no good having the program on it if I can't use it to back up my pocket pc entries.

Pocket Access will not set up the database. I do the pocket access database setup per thepocket pccompanion help file, check the 9 PDA and 4 tblPALM blocks with the "keep tables synchronized" and "overwrite existing..." blocks checked and click "OK".

It goes to "copy and convert" and gives the following message: "This database already exists, do you want to replace this database?" and I click yes.

I than get an error message saying "Conversion process failed: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. An error occured when converting a Microsoft Access database to a Pocket Access database.

It seems that it does not like to share program files\logbook pro\logbook.cdbbetween two computers. I can get the database converted if I save it else where on the pda, but than logbook pro does not recognize there is information waiting to be imported.

Any suggestions? Or am I trying to do something that the pda companion is unable to do?
Again, the Pocket PC Companion was not designed or intended to be used against multiple computers but instead be paired with one computer and logbook. You'll have to test and see what you can find as a workable solution based on your requirements.