very minor date format error in options window


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May 31, 2005
not a biggie.. just a minor bug.

its in options when you use the drop down window to select the date format of DD-MMM-YY. the dropdown window closes after you choose your format and a sample of the date format you're using is displayed in the window. when you choose any of the DD-MMM-YY formats, the sample display is incorrect.. it shows JAN-05-05, when it should be 05-JAN-05 instead.
I'll research this...thank you.

i should have added that its the sample display that doesnt work. even though that preview is wrong, it shows up correctly in the actual logbook.
just noticed it also is not displayed correctly in the 'windows style' logbook entry window. it shows up properly in the spreadsheet style tho.
short date format is M/d/yyy.

long date format is closer to whats being displayed and its dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy

you want me to try any other settings here?