Changing date display in flight log


Oct 16, 2006
I am trying to change the date display in the Jeppesen Style Flight Log report. Right now it is showing as DD Month; I would like it to be in the same format as I have the rest of Logbook Pro setup for: MM/DD/YY
I have looked through all the options pages and can't seem to locate where to set this.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Logbook Pro is advertised as being "100% Customizable". Certainly there is a way for this to be done!
Is this something I would have to create a Jeppesen Style Custom Template?

I'm not in the military, nor am I in Europe - I would love to have the date in the Jeppesen Flight Log report in the same format as my paper logbook (MM/DD).
You can print reports that will match the layout of the spreadsheet style area therefore matching your customizations. These reports are the "Logbook Standard" type reports, but are not as elegant or user friendly as the Split-Report system. You can create custom templates, however, the customizations allow you to retarget columns, retitle columns and group headers, fonts, etc. Experiment with the various features of the software and review the documentation for more information. Hopefully you can find the result you're looking for.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.