Very slow to startup


New member
Jun 7, 2005
When I start LBP, either via the shortcut or the start menu, it is extremely slow to actually start running. I've timed it at 6 minutes. If I try to start it again in that time, it tells me I can only have one copy running at a time. Also in that time it shows up on my applications list as running. No other program I have installed gives me this problem, matter of fact they all start right up. I'm using WINXP with all updates and a fairly new computer 3.2 ghz, 1 gig ram, etc. Any ideas that may kick start this thing?

Most likely it is a conflict with the background updater and your firewall (Zone Alarm Pro or the follow-on version by another company). When Logbook Pro starts, go to the Options area, clear the checkbox at the buttom of the User-Info dialog to allow background updates. It will then most likely startup right away.

Thanks for the quick response. Your directions did indeed fixt the delay, and now it starts right up. Thanks again!