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What can I do to save my data?


Jan 6, 2007
I recently upgraded to a PPC from a Palm. My Palm database contains all the airports and aircraft data from the past few years. Entering airports and aircraft numbers one at a time into the PPC would be quite an effort. I need to enter several hundred ship numbers and also around a hundred airports. I would rather not try to do this one entry at a time. Is there any way to capture this data from the Palm? (the FAQ said no, but also that its being worked on) If not is there a way to enter all the data using my desktop into a database so I don't have to wear out my fingers on the stylus? I'd like to start using my new PPC for the logbook, but I dread the idea of many hours of tapping on the screen to reload the data I already painstakingly entered into the Palm. Thanks.
If you have a co-worker that has the Pocket PC version you may be able to get these files from them. They contain all of that data. I am in the same boat as you and I am working on some type of solution.


If you explore your Pocket PC using Active Sync the file is in
\My Documents\APDL