what to get


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Feb 28, 2006
yes i am an airline pilot...was wondering what should i get....is it easy to enter years of flying different aircraft or does it take forever...is there a way to just put in your totals and add to them...ie put in everything up to end of 2005 and then fill out logbook normally ie per day for this current year and beyond...thanx for your advice

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Logbook Pro and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook ("APDL").

For airline pilot's the recommended package is Logbook Pro Professional Edition and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook for your PDA. With the APDL product you also get the free schedule importer software.

Data entry is easy and efficient, especially when you take advantage of Autofill (see Options...Autofill in Logbook Pro), and other automated features Logbook Pro uses to make entering data as streamlined as possible. As for your prior flight history, see this article for tips on doing mass carry-overs.

Feel free to download risk-free evaluations of our software from our download center. When you want to lift evaluation restrictions you can purchase a license code and continue using the same data and software, no new installations required.