Where is the PDA wizard?


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Aug 19, 2006
My old computer died and I just reinstalled logbook pro on my new one. Now I can't sync my APDL with logbook pro. I can't find the pda wizard anywhere and I am not able to select the "import pda data" option from the menu. What am I missing? Thanks
Hello John,

If you're using the latest available version which is 1.10.40 as indicated in the Help...About Logbook Pro dialog, there is a PDA Wizard button on the main toolbar as well as a PDA menu which has the PDA options.

Please be sure you are in fact using the latest versions of our software.
Here are the screen shots if you need them.


  • PDA Wizard Menu Option.jpg
    PDA Wizard Menu Option.jpg
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  • PDA Wizard Tool Bar Button.jpg
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