Why are these features missing from the iphone app?


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Dec 9, 2003
Chicago, IL
First, after I sync my current day, I have no way of looking at a history to compare times later in the trip. ONce its gone/syned, it's gone.
There should be a way to look at history (I am now having to carry a little red logbook so I can look back earlier in the trip, or at a previous trip to make sure my times are right for 30/7 issues.

Also, It seems like 30/7 is not calculated on the iphone app until my home pc/logbook pro is synced with the cloud. Is there no way to have REAL TIME 30/7 issues on the app? It says data as of 5/25 (last synced with home pc), and time now: current day. It isn't reflecting updated times for 30/7 while I am on the road. Am I required to leave my PC on, and auto sync enabled on logbook pro on my home pc while on a trip so I can have real time info?
Hello Jeffrey,

This app is "Logbook Pro" not "APDL" - it is our general aviation app with a few features for airline pilots. APDL for iPhone/iPad is coming soon, it's now in development soon going into beta testing. The Logbook Pro app mirrors our "PDA Companion" products in the past where they are designed to be rapid entry systems to allow you to log information while you're away and sync back to your master logbook - your PC. We have built in systems such as you alluded to which is the scheduled sync feature. It can sync on an interval. I recommend leaving your PC on, we never turn ours off here, that will subject your PC to a higher probability of failure. Just like a light bulb lasts longer when left on, the turning on and off is when it's most likely to fail. The same applies to your PC, it's best to leave it running, it has power save modes to save energy, and with Logbook Pro minimized it will solve your problem. For more details see:

Logbook Pro Documentation

For more info on the app please see:

Logbook Pro Documentation

If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.