Windows Mobile 5.0

Billy boy

New member
Dec 31, 2005
Any news on mobile 5.0 support. I've tried downloading every update, and the CF2 thingy, and it keeps saying this isn't for this machine. Any news?? Thanks
I received your e-mail, please reply to the forum instead.

Your T-Mobile SDA appears to be a SmartPhone. The easiest way to tell whether or not our applications are supported is whether or not you can interact with the screen using a stylus. Windows Mobile 5 uses a Stylus for program interaction whereas the SmartPhone Edition requires pressing keys to interact with applications.

We do not have plans for near future support of SmartPhones. We may revisit this with our version 7 line when that time comes. For those interested in using APDL on a phone device, we don't want to give false hopes, we hope this information will give you the information required to purchase a compatible device. For combination Phone/PDA's we suggest the Treo's or 6700 series PPC phones.