Windows Smartphone


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Oct 24, 2003
I tried to install the Pocket PC version on a Windows Smartphone and it did not work. Has anyone else been succesful? Are there any plans to support this since Microsoft Smartphone is almost identicle to Pocket PC 2003 SE?

Only traditional Pocket PC devices are supported, i.e. standard resolution displays, portrait orientation, etc. However, I'm curious, what error message did you get? Did you try the "CrossFire client runtime" instead of the "Booster" runtime engine version and see if you get the same results?
I attempted to install it on my Motorola MPx220 w/ Windows Mobile 2003 SE and it didn't work with either Booster or CrossFire. The error message I get is as follows:

"NC Software, Inc. Logbook Pro.CAB failed to install on your device because the installation file is not intended for this device."

I would really like to be able to get this working on my smartphone. Considering that smartphones are the direction PDA's are going. Does NC have plans to start supporting smartphones like mine?

Currently only "traditional" devices are supported. Smart Phones, Communicators, etc. are not yet supported, but are on our feature request list for future release. We do intend to work to support as many of the handheld devices available as we feasably can in the coming months.