Wish List to store flights on PDA...


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Oct 4, 2002
I'm wondering is there a way of storing the logbook on a Memory Stick that way you could store a complete logbook since you don't have the file size limitation you would have on the PDA itself?

I know you can do History by calendar month on the desktop version i.e. all flights 'This Month' could this also be availble on the PDA?

Maybe there will be a option to have a certain amount of flights let say last six months stored on the PDA.../forums/emoticons/angel.gif
I'm sorry but no, the memory stick is not an option, it's really not the issue, it's the available memory for running programs that is really the limiting factor and this is a factor of the Palm operating system, not the storage available.

I will look into bringing logbook data down to the PDA in version 2. For the version 1.x PDA Companions, this is not available.

Thank you for your post, good questions.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
You may want to look at this one again. Yes it is possible to run applications in the extended memory area on Palms running the latest Palm 4.0 OS. I run a number of applications directly on the removable memory media.
Yes, I am aware of 'some' applications that allow this. Unfortunately, right now with the architecture of Logbook Pro Companions, this is not possible. I will look into this with the version 2 builds next year.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.