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Wrong Block Times


Jun 16, 2007
Having trouble with the latest upgrade version not performing the block time calculations correctly. It is just showing straight math instead of correcting for time zone.
Have airport pages set to either UTC-5 (east coast) and other airport showing UTC-6. DST is checked on both

Have time settings as
Domicile UTC-5
Logbook UTC-5
Import Local
DST is checked

If I have to send you the files, I'll need the instructions to do so.
Wrong Times

What OS are you running PPC or Palm?

Check to make sure your logpage is displayed in the correct timezone. Chances are your logpage is displayed ZULU...


I'm running PPC windows mobile 5 on a palm 700wx
Domicile is set to UTC-5 DST checked
Logbook is set to UTC-5 DST checked
Import schedules is set to Local
DST in effect is checked

Each airport page has the correct UTC-(x) in place and the DST is checked


Disregard, just discovered that the logpage itself has a setting at the top of the screen that on the palm700wx you can not tap on... but on the bottom of the page you can select the zone. I switched it to local and it seems to be working....
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