Wrong date on Touch Flights


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Jan 25, 2006
So I upload my schedule to the online schedule importer, I click the option that my trips are in local time. I then sync it to my I-Touch.

I've noticed that any flights after 1700 Local, which is 0000Z for me on the west coast, the date cycles to the next day. Then when i sync it with logbook pro, it is logging my flights on the wrong day.

Is there anyway to stop this from happening, or do I have to manually change the dates for any of my flights after 0000Z?


The app saves ALL times in UTC and then converts them to "device local" when you view them unless you have "Use GMT" to ON. Don't confuse this with local in any given timezone, it's local time to where your device is when you view the flight.

When you sync your device it will send the OOOI times to Logbook Pro PC as UTC (GMT/Zulu...) unless you have the Settings/Synchronization option to NOT send the data in UTC. In this case the stored values will be converted to "device local" and sent to your PC at that time. There is no further conversion that takes place so you have to be sure your "device local" is the timezone you want OR use GMT which is the preferred and suggested option.
I'm not so much worried about the time conversions and such as I am the date being wrong. For example, I have 3 flights tonight after 1700 (0000Z) all of which are showing on my touch as tomorrow's date.

So if I used the "sync in GMT" option, will it then show the correct date when it shows up in log book pro?
It has to make an assumption on how to handle the 0000Z. You may need to edit the date that you see on the schedule importer so it is saved as needed and then it will be correct as imported. If the way it makes the assumption of 0000Z does not work with what your actual is then you can edit and save it. If you feel it is a bug please fill out a help desk ticket and provide the trip data and setting you used and we'll take a look into it. We have to make some assumptions on handling a 0000Z entry, is that "today" or is that first minute of the next day?