Wrong times in APDL after upgrade to version 6

J. Gnau

Jun 17, 2005
After a few trials and tribulations, I was finally able to get APDL upgraded to version 6 on my Palm Tungsten E. After the upgrade though, the time zones for all of the airports I had saved were set at the default UTC -12. When I changed them all to the correct time zones, it went back and changed all of the times for the past fourteen months that I had saved. The flight time is correct but all of my actual clock times are now off by eight hours. Is there any way I can get them changed back to the correct times? Fortunately, my correct flight time is synched with Logbook Pro but I would like APDL to show the right clock times.

On the main logpage change the timezone selector to "Logbook" these times are the actual times recorded in APDL. When "Logbook" is selected all times are displayed in the logbook timezone that was active when the data was entered.

If you changed the reference "Logbook" timezone on the "Timezone settings page", or deleted your "Airlinelogbook-pref" file. Then please reset this to your previous setting..

Second, if your are using the schedule importer and your schedules are in local time set "Import Schedules in ?" to "Local".

By default all airports are set to UTC-12. Please ensure each airport has a valid UTC time.

Then re-import any future trips.

If you are changing or changed your "Logbook Timezone", then when viewing logbook data prior to the change "Zulu","Local","Domicile" selections on the main logpage will be inaccurate.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.