yes/no fields in Jepp flight log reports?


Nov 20, 2002
Not sure if I've got a 'bug' or a 'feature' here...
I created a custom yes/no field called 'part 135' to track flight time made under part 135. In retrospect, I suspect the best way to do this would be to create a custom time field instead. I'll go back and do that if I can't get this to work.

I created a custom Jeppesen-style flight log report to include this field in the report. What's happening is the number being displayed in this column is a rounded off number of flight hours for that flight - i.e. a running total of hours to the nearest whole hour. When you view this field in analyzer, what you see is the number of legs, so that's what I expected to see in the Jepp report. Did you mean to display flight hours in whole hours here, or should it be number of legs? If it's the former, is there a way to change the precision of this running total to display the time to the nearest 10th??

Thanks in advance!!

Karl W. von Valtier

I received your data file and reviewed the information and it is correct in the way Logbook Pro is handling this.

When you use a Yes/No field, Logbook Pro counts the 'number of times' this field (checkbox) is checked.

So, you have two options:

[[*]]Change your custom field to use a TIME type of field
[[*]]Use the Analyzer and set your Master Filter to the Part 135 custom field. Then after selecting this to be the custom filter, your times and hours, etc. showing in the Analyzer will be Part 135 time. Yes, this doesn't print out in the Jeppesen format the way you want, however, this method gives you the data you are looking for.

Hope this helps.[/list]

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

I will change my part 135 field to a custom time field instead, that's a workable solution for me.

In the meantime, just as an FYI - It still looks to me that what I'm seeing in the Jepp flight log report doesn't represent the 'number of times' this field is checked, but rather seems to be a rounded number of flight hours. For example, in the file I sent you there's a log entry on 26/Aug/02 with 3 legs: BNA PDK AGS ROG. Total flight time for the 3 legs 4.4 hrs, and the part 135 yes/no field IS checked. In the Jepp report for that entry, the number shown in the 'Part 135' column is '4'. If this were truly a 'number of times' field, wouldn't you see a '3' there? There's multiple occurences of this.

There's Another thing that seems to support this. On page 68 of the Jepp report in this file, look at the addition going on in the Part 135 column: Totals this page - 1. Amt Forwarded - 8. Total to Date - 8. 1+8=8?? The corresponding flight time values for these are 0.8 + 7.6 = 8.4. Certainly looks like the Part 135 column is rounded numbers.

Just thought you might want to take a closer look at this...

Thanks very much!

Karl W. von Valtier
Bug found, squashed, fixed, issue resolved. It will be available in the next free maintenance release which will coincide with the Pocket PC Companion release, coming soon. Thank you for reporting this!

By the way, when you get the next update, you will have to go to the columns using custom yes/no fields, change the field, save the template, change the field back to get the update to take.

You do NOT need to change your custom fields to TIME fields, the yes/no fields are going to do what you need, so leave as is for now unless you need an immediate fix for your reports.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

Thanks again for looking into this so quickly. I'm amazed at how quick and effective your tech support is. With the norm these days being days-long turnaround time, or infinite loop voice-routing systems, yours is a real breath of fresh air.
Personally, I put a great value on the tech support and customer service - given the choice I'd rather buy an inferior product with superior service than vice-versa. Don't have to make the choice with Logbook Pro though - it's great software.

Thanks again.

Karl W. von Valtier