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Zulu vs Time Zones in the Treo p


Jan 15, 2007
Just got a Treo 700p and am wondering how all the time zone changes as the phone moves around the country affect the exporting of schedules from APDL to Calendar. Since alarms are not automatically set, I'd like to have it export the flights to calendar in Zulu and I'll set a time zone to Zulu for the Calendar appointment, when I set an alarm for the flight.

Currently Domicile is set to Eastern, Logbook to Mountain, my home. I've archived thru 1/1/07, and would like to know how should I set up the Timezone Prefs to always reflect Zulu, and export to Calendar in Zulu?


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Click the Search option on the toolbar and search on "Time Zone" to learn more as this is a frequent topic on the discussion forums. You can also search our knowledgebase for answers as outlined on the support page.