150% Override not importing to LBP


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Jan 2, 2008
I did not have my 150% Override payroll set up properly, I did not have it set to apply to Block Time. I have been using APDL for almost two years. Is there anyway to make my previous 150% Override flights sync to LBP or am I going to have to manually insert all of those flights?

Mark Lockwood

You have a couple of options here. In either case please backup your logbook prior to starting (FILE ARCHIVE BACKUP). This will ensure you can restore your logbook in case the results aren't as expected.

Option 1:
Correct the entries manually in Logbook Pro, if you don't have that many of them to do.

Option 2:
In this option you will lose any changes you have previous made to the imported data as flights will be overwritten.

Start the PDA Wizard and set the date filter to flights ON or After a specifc date. Logbook Pro will then reimport all your flights and overwrite the data currently in your logbook and also place the 150% flight in too.
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