2 tickets, 2 weeks... NOTHING


Feb 18, 2005
I hate to do this HOWEVER I have sent two support tickets in the past 2 weeks over the same issue with NO response... I purchsed a product from you and it WILL NOT ACTIVATE. I wish to keep this civil however I only see two options at this point and one is that you help me get the program registered...

We respond to all tickets promptly, typically within minutes. Most likely your junkmail/spam filter captured the message. The best thing is to use our help desk to submit and view inquiries. Login to our helpdesk, register for a new account if needed, or use the forgot password to have your existing password sent. Once logging in, view submitted tickets and you may see your replies there. If not, submit a ticket and we'll gladly assist.

I did a search on your e-mail address and found three tickets in which I replied to all. Again, the e-mails are probably going to your hotmail junkmail folder, check there. But again, you can login to the helpdesk to view the tickets. Here is my response:

You purchased Logbook Pro Standard to Professional Upgrade:

To use an upgrade code you must first have the base version licensed, which is the Standard Edition. First enter your name/unlock code pair that has the 01-01.. code, then use your 01-05 code to upgrade the license and features to the Professional Edition.

To regenerate your license code, Please refer to http://www.nc-software.com/policies.aspx specifically the "Lost Unlock Codes" section for information assisting in this matter. If unable to use our automated resources to recall your lost registration information or provide proof of purchase, please purchase the unlock code re-key service from the URL below which may require prior proof of purchase to complete:

Ok, something is wrong then because I have received no emails and they are definitely not going to the junk folder. I receive emails everyday and never have had a problem so the problem must be on your end… is it possible I entered my email wrong in your system? I have submitted 2 tickets and I can guarantee I didn’t screw it up both times so what are my options here?
I have been responding to your tickets. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours by e-mail, most likely it went to a spam folder, etc. as we respond usually within ONE hour. The best thing to do is login to the help desk and then view submitted tickets. You can submit and reply via our web interface which is preferred over using e-mail. If you think there is a wrong e-mail address issue, try the forgot password link on the help desk or register again. The use of our help desk was suggested to you in the first reply on this forum, it can save time if you're having a problem receiving our e-mails.
By the way, I copied my response to your inquiry to this forum, please see post #3 above for the response to your ticket. Bottom line is you cannot register with your 01-05 code, that is an UPGRADE code. You must first register with your 01-01... code which is the base Standard Edition license, then use your purchased upgrade code (01-05 number) to upgrade your license to the Professional Edition.
Ok, I am having your system send me the registration codes. Your systen says it has sent 2 code to my email address. NOTHING EVER ARRIVES IN MY EMAIL. I am 100% certain (not I think I know, but rather I am 100% that as a matter of catagorical fact) that my email is NOT, REPEAT NOT the problem NOR are the emails being placed in my junk mail (which isn't even activated). I am also certain that you have my correct email address. The only emails I receive are the ones telling me you have responsded to my posting here. ALL I WANT ARE MY REGISTRATION CODES, I DON"T CARE HOW I GET THEM - FIGURE OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM IS ON YOUR END AND FIX IT, THE PROBLEM IS NOT ON MY END. I just started flying for a 121 carrier and I am UNABLE to track my times because all you have given me is the run around with how to solve the problem. YOUR WAY DOES NOT AND HAS NOT WORKED. I am the ONLY person I know of who has a legitimate, non-hacked copy of your product. Oddly enough, others are laughing at me because, despite all the money I spent, I have nothing to show for it... not even support. You have my address, you have my codes... your system is NOT automatically sending them to me as it should so please do it by hand...

This is what I am seeing... yet no email EVER arrives.


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I suggest using another e-mail account service other than Hotmail, it's obviously not getting you your mail. Try google, or yahoo, both of which are very nice systems. However, if you do as I suggested for weeks in this thread, go to our help desk, use the web based system to submit a ticket, check back in 24 hours using our web interface you'll see the correspondence online, e-mail is NOT necessary to communicate with us.
No, Hotmail has NEVER failed me... I have only had 1 (one) problem and that is with YOUR system. Conclution, problem on your end, not mine. Want further evidence that YOUR system is jacked? I have submitted tickets and attempted to use your "help desk" however YOUR system does not reconize me. I, despite being registered using all the same info on everything, am unable to get YOUR system to work. When I attempt to rigister it tells me that "that email is already used". Face it, your system is screwed up. FIX IT.