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211 to 232 upgrade problems???


Feb 25, 2002
has anyone had any problems upgrading from 211 to 232?? I'm about to do it but want to make sure that it's going smoothly so far in the field. Thanks!/forums/emoticons/smile.gif


Nov 19, 2001
No problems noted with upgrade to 232, except had to backup data/uninstall old version/install new build. All 232 ops normal.

Good work, as usual, Neal. Now I'm going to have to buy the MGO paper and see if the duplex print issue has been resolved! I will dutifully report back when I get the Visa Card from the wife... That may take a while.


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Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
Ed and ALL,

You can test the duplex printing on plain white 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Please run these tests for me so I can sleep again! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

[[*]]Perform a test of NON-DUPLEX printing by just printing page 1, place the pages in order, 1 then 2, and see if the left margins align, within 2 pixels
[[*]]Test DUPLEX printing by just printing page one, put the pages back to back as if it was a front/back printing, and see if the left margins align

Also note, you now have total control of PAGE SETUP again. So you can adjust the margins per your printer. This doesn't change anything on how the margins will align, but it will allow you to move and size your printed area.

Warning 1: It is NOT recommeneded to change the margins on the Universal Reports as they are designed to fit the Perforated paper.

Warning 2: When using Perforated paper, it is a good idea to TEST your printout prior to using your cost/page paper. I don't like paying for printing tests with expensive paper, I'm sure you wouldn't, so TEST before you do your final printing run and holler at me! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif[/list]

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.