30 and 7


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Jun 12, 2006
I have APDL 6.0.4, build 072706 for Palm on my Treo 650.

Just found that the Crew Rest page will catch 30 & 7 violations with a flight spanning midnight local domicile time at the beginning of the 7 day period, but it didn't resolve the reduction of time for a flight that spans midnight LDT at the end of the 7 day period. This gave me an erroneous 30 & 7 warning.

Ex.: 7 days- 4/30/07 to 5/6/07
Flight that starts late on the 29th and ends after midnight, the 30th, in my local domicle, 2:16 to be exact. Then the subsequent days through the 6th appear to add up to 30 & 7. However, the last flight on the 6th spans midnight and 1:46 is on the 7th. APDL calculates the 1:46 on the 7th in the 30 & 7 for 4/30 to 5/6.

Any ideas or is this a bug?



Please submit this on a support ticket along with your APDL files attached so we can look into this further.

If you have Pocket PC the files are in the following directory on your PocketPC(/My Documents/APDL). Please attach them to your ticket in one compressed file. If you don't already have winzip it can be downloaded from http://www.winzip.com for free.

If you use Palm the files are in the following directory on your computer (C:\Program Files\palmOne\[your palm username]\Backup).
Eric...has there been any resolution on this? I am getting erroneous 32/7 warnings for extensive European trips spanning midnight.
I have had similar issues, only it counts 8 days instead of seven and gives me continual 30/7 warnings
I'm having a similiar issue with erroneous 30 and 7 times that i believe are related to flights spanning midnight. The odd part is if you add up all the times on the crew rest page they don't add up to the 7-day total that is displayed. Somehow hours are being added in to the total and i think it's the legs that span midnight possibly being counted twice. Anyone else have similiar problems and a possible solution?