A few questions...


Jan 22, 2007
I am currently flying 2 - 3 aircraft per day out of a fleet of 12 and I have all the NREGs and would like to be able to populate the list but the PDA doesn't seem to know them (not even the ones I have already flown in)

Granted I entered them from the desktop, so I guess the question is...
Does the PDA not cache the data from the desktop?

Also is there a way to view individual logbook pages on the PDA or only bulk data?

No, the PDA does not cache or retrieve the N-Numbers from the PC. As the PDA Companion is not a full data file as that of your PC, it does not have the capability to look back and retrieve prior tail numbers for the a/c type selected.

You can view the PDA logbook entries you created by using the navigation buttons. This is only going to be the data you added on the PDA side as the Logbook Pro PDA Companion is an "add-only" device, it is for you to add new information then sync to the PC upon return.

I hope this answers your questions, if not, let me know and I'll expound on areas you need further information on.