Active Sync - Pocket PC companion


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Oct 3, 2002
Has anybody had trouble synchronizing LBPwith a pocket PC? After a system crash I recently upgraded to Windows XP. I had previously successfully synced with W98. WhenI tried to synch I received an error message. I removed LBP from my PPC, did a hard reset andreinstalled PPC companion. I no longer get the error message, but the file won't load. When I try to open LBP in my PPC I get a message saying the database could not be found.

Any suggestions,


When you configured the PPC database connection, it is IMPERATIVE that you enter the database path EXACTLY as shown below:

\Program Files\Logbook Pro\Logbook.cdb

Otherwise you will get the error you are experiencing 'not able to find the database...'

I am having the exact same problem. And also had it working in the past. I suspect it is some problem with the new Active Sync 3.7.1
It's really strange. I'vemanaged to get itto work once sucecssfully. Immediately tried atrial entry and attempted to sync againbut no luck. I don't understand it since I amfollowing the instructions to the letter. I haven't tried it again recently and have basically given up on it since it seems to be unreliable.
The last upgrade, followed by the hard reset, etc. causes so much aggravation that I really don't want to change anymore software versions