Active sync problems


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Oct 3, 2002
I'm still having problems synchronizing between my Pocket PC and PC. It will work fine one day and then not the next. I've entered a number of flights onto my PPC but cannot transfer them to LBP. I don't want to reinstall since I'm afraid I'll lose the information on the PPC.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Donald,

Please ensure you have Logbook Pro both on your PC and PPC. I suggest uninstalling your PPC software per the documentation, then re-run the installation process via the PDA Wizard (select Booster runtime, CrossFire is not required for the Pocket PC).

Thanks Neal,
I'm running 1.9.6 on my PPC. Is there any way I can remove 1.9.6 from my PPC and install without losing the flight entries I have added but not yet synchronized?

Can you confirm Pocket Access is checked within ActiveSync and if you click the Settings button when Pocket Access is highlighted, does it show an entry in the middle white section?

Confirm you have a Pocket PC Companion registration code entered on the PC side? If when you start Logbook Pro it shows 'PDA Licenses: Pocket PC Companion' on the left middle section, then the PC is registered for PPC sync.

Have you tried removing the PPC from the cradle, doing a soft reset, re-cradle and resync?

thanks neal,
yes, pocket access is highlighted, but no, nothing shows when settings is selected with Pocket access highlighted. But I have made no changes since my last sync, other than perhaps upgrading to
To answer your other questions: yes, yes.

If nothing is showing the white (middle) area of the ActiveSync Pocket Access settings area, then ActiveSync does not have a connection between your Logbook Pro PC data file and the data file on the Pocket PC. I'm not sure how it disappeared as Logbook Pro has no means of removing it. I'm not sure if you may have done a system restore to checkpoint which may have taken your PC before the time the connection was created, or a security software that may have removed the ActiveSync registry settings in some type of restore or interference, etc. It's something outside that of Logbook Pro so I really can't help you further in what may have happened, it's not something Logbook Pro has any code to do.

I recommend manually entering the data that resides on your Pocket PC into your PC logbook, then uninstall and reinstall the Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion so it recreates the communications between the PC and PPC. If that's not an option, you may be able to view the data on your Mobile PC from the node in Windows Explorer allowing you to view your PPC data, copy the two data files in \Program Files\Logbook Pro to a place such as C:\Temp (it will convert them to .mdb files) then zip compress the two files and submit a support ticket with the zip file as an attachment. I may be able to export the data so you can import it into Logbook Pro.

Thanks Neal,
I can see two files in \Program Files\Logbook Pro in my PPC; one called Logbook, one called lbpro, both of which specify Pocket Access Database in file properties.
Sorry to be such an idiot, but which one should I copy?