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Active Sync Problems


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Apr 19, 2003
Dear Neal,

using my Ipaq 1940 with LBP was absolute fine till today. I used the Ipaq as everyday, started the Active Sync 3.7 on my PC and Syncronized the data. But the Syncronization with LBP was not working. Under Details in the Active Sync 3.7 Menu the Pocket Access Iconwas missing. Under Options, with the Ipaq conected with the PC, the Pocket Access Icon was not possible to enable. I can only enable the Pocket Access Icon when the Ipaq is not connected with the PC, as soon as I try to connect it and run the Syncronisation, the Poket Access Icon is missing again in the Details menu.

What can we do ?


I'm not sure why/how this could happen as it's clearly an ActiveSync issue and not related to Logbook Pro. The only thing I can suggest is uninstalling reinstalling ActiveSync, and if necessary, performing a hard reset (cycle power) on the PDA.



I have reset my Ipaq completely and have Active Sync reinstalled to my PC.

Before that I sent the Logbook.CDB from \Program Files\Logbook Pro\Logbook.CDB to my PC Desktop to save all the entries.

How can I send this File back to my newly installed Ipaq or is there another way to syncronize this data with my Master LBP on my PC. I really do not want to loss these 50 entries !

Till then, Brgds Timo

I haven't tried moving files around, so you're venturing uncharted territory. However, from what I know, if you move the CDB to your PC, it's going to conver the file to Access (.mdb). However, you could then open the file in access, export it to excel, then bring in the data with the Import wizard, in theory. I would certainly write down the entries in your PDA first, just to be safe. Wow, 50 entries in the PDA? You must have been a long trip!

Hi Neal,

I just entered the flights out of the Technical Flight Logs of several aircraft in my PDA during 7 days of flying.

The PDA is working again after a complete reset und unistallation. But the File I have transfered to my Desktop is a Pocket Access File *.cdb. This file cannot be transfered to the PDA and I am not able to open the file with the Microsoft Access. Is there anything else you can thing of what I can do ??

Thanks for your help.