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Advice on how to keep track of charts in LBP?

Steve Mackay

Nov 11, 2002
Does anybody have a recommendation on the best way to keep track of chart currency in LogBook Pro?

I find quite frequently I come to plan a VFR flight only to find one of the charts I need is out of date. I was thinking that maybe I could use the History to prompt me for when a chart will go out of date. The problem is charts are valid until a certain date - not a specific period of time.

Alternatively I was thinking I might be able to use currency but again I run into the time period/specific date issue.

Any suggestions would be welcome.



Feb 10, 2002
I set up a history item for each chart, a/fd, etc and set the expire date to the expire date on the chart. Then I set up a group called 'charts' in the currency editor that has currency items based on those history items.