Aircraft appear in Analyzer, not in Dropdown, possible BUG


Nov 12, 2005
When I enter a flight, I add the aircraft type, i.e. ERJ-145, it is in the drop down list, as I've already set it up.

Then, I tab over to the AC-Idents, and there is a drop down list, populated by a bunch of related AC-Idents, but, not all of them. I look into analyzer, showing all the aircraft types I've flown. Then, click the Plus button, and it shows all the Idents, properly. That's the way it should be. Everytime I enter a new Ident. It shows up properly in the Analyzer.

Why doesn't it show up in the drop down box on the logbook?

The A/C Ident box only goes back a certain period of time OR reaches a maximum quantity that the drop down will contain. Not showing all of the Idents is "by design." If you'd like me to review your data file, submit a support ticket and use the Attachment feature to include a recent backup (.BAK) file and provide instructions to see the situation you describe.
Thanks Neal,

Will do. Didn't mean to insinuate a "bug" when i'm really not sure. Just re read my post, and wasn't intended that way.