Aircraft Database in Mobile App


Jul 9, 2005
Another suggestion is the ability to "hide" certain aircraft in the mobile app version of LBP.

I have a list of roughly 20 aircraft types that I have flown at one time or another, but currently only fly 2-3 of them. Is there the ability to hide them (similiar to a delete function, that doesn't actually delete them?)
No, there is no option to hide them. What we can consider in a future version is a checkbox "active" in the system and only active ones will show for you. I'll document this for our v2 PC development to review. If you were to do it now you would use the same time hiding as you did selecting because the list is refreshed with each sync update from the PC. And with recent recall, "most" of the time you shouldn't have to even input an aircraft.
Its not a huge deal, but something that would make entry quicker (especially if there are no plans to associate the specific tailnumber with an a/c type).

I switch between EMB-135, EMB-140, and EMB-145's (sometimes in the same day), but most likely won't ever fly an ATR-42 again...guys in the CRJ200/700, B757/B767, etc would have the same problems, as would the CFI who is switching between multiple aircraft models every day (and the flight school switched from Cessnas to Pipers.
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