Aircraft Ident (N-number) field


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Dec 9, 2006
As I tranfer from paper logbooks (little redbooks), it is nice that Logbook Pro (PC version) remembers tail numbers. However, after a while, tail numbers drop off from the "Ident" pulldown menu. I keep having to re-enter some of the less frequently used tail numbers. What are the parameters that Logbook Pro uses to retain the tail numbers? Length of time? Max. tail numbers? How do you modify it so it remembers ALL of the tail numbers I enter?
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The system cannot be modified, but the way it works is that it goes from the current entries flight log date BACK in time until it loads the drop down list with N-Numbers for the A/C Type selected. I can't remember if it's 15 or 30 N-Numbers off hand, but once it hits this limit it stops looking back in time.

Thanks anyway. That's pretty much what I figured out.

It won't be much of an issue for me pretty soon since I will finally be caught up. When I started a month and a half ago, I was 5 years behind on my logbook. I had a stack of little red books. Tonight I'm only 8 months behind. I should be done tomorrow.