Airport List


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Jun 9, 2009
Madison, VA
There should be a way in the airport list to "Ignore" an unidentified airport when the program starts. I use "Local" for my local flights at any given airport and the Route Browser program sees it as an "airport" ("LOCA"). Thus, when the Route Browser program starts, it list the "LOCA" as an unidentified airport and wants me to enter the information for it. I just want to "ignore" the fact that it is not a real airport.
Just add the airport "LOCA" to your list of airports. Enter the correct ID of your local airport below and it will use the lat/long of that airport and create an airport and that location with the identifier "LOCA". From then on, the program will use LOCA as an alternative your local airport identifier.
LOCA "Airport"

Well, yeh, that would work but I use "local" at ANY airport I go to if I do "local" flights. Thus, "LOCA" would always be identified with my home airport and would give me false routes.