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Also having sync problems


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Jun 24, 2005
I have the new version of LBP. In the past with single sync I had no problems with the 3 different A/C I fly syncing to LBP. Syncs would set the A/C N# to the appropriate model ie. 135,140,145. Now, with the default set to ERJ-145, thats all that sync to LBP. Is APDL Sync the correct version? How can I resolve the problem?
Hi Richard,

Yes, is the correct version. When APDL is sync'd in, it looks up your N-Number being passed in for a match in the Logbook Pro data then uses that A/C Type. If there is no match, the default A/C Type is used. Can you confirm you had a N-Number logged the same as what is sync'ing in?
I did a lookback and didn't see one. It would be nice if the wizard would just sync what was in APDL and add it to LBP.
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Then what is occurring is by design. If the N-Number cannot be found then it uses the Default A/C Type selection. If needed, you can change it, now that the N-Number exists in Logbook Pro the PDA Wizard will pair it properly next time.