Amount Foward in Flight Log Report


New member
May 2, 2006
Hey Neal,

I have all ready received my logbook by the way! Thank you so much for the quick shipping!!

I am planning on using the new logbook as the second in my flying history. So the problem I am running into is for example my first entry after my original book is 5/29/2004. When I run the report for 5/29/04 until present it only shows the amount foward since 5/29/04 and not from the beginning of my flying career so in essence it is not calculating the times from "book 1." I have tried to search with no avail.

I appreciate any suggestions.


Jeff W
Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately this functionality is not possible at this time. The report runs as if it is the only data and does not know totals prior to the date range you've selected. The only option I can think of to "trick" the system is to run a report for the ALL DATA range then only print the desired pages using the print range option instead of all.

Hope this Helps!