Analyze Logbook for Errors


Jun 27, 2005
Atlanta GA
This function returns a dialog box that says, " Error Found. You have entered a time category that exceeds the flight time (Duration). Would you like to fix this?" My selections are Yes and No. However, I have no way of knowing what record is being flagged. I can't see what I'm fixing. I'm a little wary of this. Can LBP output a report so I can see exactly what the offending records are?


Larry Russell
No, that didn't work either. In both the spreadsheet-style log (where I normally live) and the Windows-style log, the active line remains the last selected record in the log.

Hello Larry,

I reviewed your Logbook Pro data file sent to support. The problem is the way you have your spreadsheet style layout you cannot see the column Logbook Pro is indicating that has an error. I suggest resetting your layout by clicking the far left icon on the second toolbar row "Logbook Options" then the RESET menu option. After the layout is restored, run the Analyze for errors again. You'll see a 1.3 solo time entry for a Duration of 1.0 of the flight on 30 March 1985. Obviously the solo exceeding flight time is what Logbook Pro is catching for you.
OK, I did that, and no change. LBP still remains on the last record in the file. I still cannot see what record the dialog box is referring to.


After resetting the layout in the Spreadsheet Style, click the icon on the second toolbar to launch the error checker. It will provide you a message of the error and place the cursor in the cell that has the problem.
That's what I'm doing. The focus still remains on the last record in the file. I get the error message as above, but I still have no way of knowing what record is the offending record. The little black triangle pointing to the right at the left of the logbook screen is supposed to move to the the offending record, is it not?