Mar 27, 2006
I just purchased LBP but have had APDL for a few years. I am having trouble importing all my data. All the help features seem to be for the companion. I have synched my data and I am still finding nothing in the queue on LBP. Please help!

The documentation for importing data is in the SingleSync installation as well as available from our web site by clicking here. If you have not yet downloaded SingleSync, you can do so from this link. This utility is that which is used to sync data from APDL to Logbook Pro.

FYI: In the next update to Logbook Pro, coming soon, we are doing away with SingleSync and the synchronization is done using a brand new PDA Wizard. Expected release is mid-April.
I have done that and I am still getting nothing to show up in LBP. I can see all my files in HTML format but nothing is getting to the LBP.
Hello Nick,

All tickets have been answered, you may not have received the response, or we may not have received your submission. Regardless, the queue in Logbook Pro is not for APDL but for Logbook Pro's PDA Companions. SingleSync is the utility that syncs data from APDL to Logbook Pro external to Logbook Pro. However, I invite you to update your Logbook Pro to our just released public beta of 1.10 which does away with SingleSync, re-engineers the entire APDL sync process using the new PDA Wizard. Please read the latest newsletter for more information. If you are not getting the newsletter which we typically send out monthly, I invite you to subscribe to our private mailing list.
I am trying using the new version but it won't let me because I have to register my APDL. I have had it for 3 years and do not have the reg. number anymore. It also will not let me view it on my palm. Could you please send me the information I need to make this work?