APDL not backing up after LBP sync


Sep 10, 2007
Hit the X too early and lost my aircraft/airport/pay etc... XML's. No big deal, went back to restore them from a recent backup from a backup that the program used to do after each sync. In the APDL folders within both MyDocuments and Program Files there is not an 8-digit folder with a date later than 6/22/2009. That one is in the MyDoc's folder /v1/apdl... whatever folder. The earliest 8-digit folder in Program Files is actually back in summer 2008. What's going on? Would be nice to have that feature back.

Hello Kelly,

Make sure you're using the latest versions of our software and also refer to our knowledgebase for troubleshooting. When you perform a sync from Logbook Pro 1.10.42 it will copy the files to your /My Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 folder structure (APDL Pocket PC sub-folder).
I have the newest versions, I alway's keep up with that. They backup used to work fine and no longer does. I even deleted some of the older backup folders in the thought that maybe there is a max number of folders at a time to no avail. Sync'ed twice just now and there are no new backup folders in .../APDL Pocket PC...