APDL to LBP leg order


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Feb 9, 2008
When I sync APDL to LBP my legs get out of order becuase i log in Zulu. So it appears that LBP orders all legs for the day by time. So my Last legs are ahead of my first ones (eg - leg 1 2153Z -0034Z, leg 2 0120Z-0319Z; LBP puts them in reverse order in the spreadsheet) How can I get it to log legs by the order I have them in APDL?

Logbook Pro has no way of ordering APDL flights unless you use a consistent time zone and have block times such as out and/or takeoff to help Logbook Pro sort. It normally sorts data by flight date and then exact date/time of the row entry, however, a sync happens so fast we don't have the entry order capability so we have to then look at out/takeoff time.
I had the same problem when I started using it a coulple yrs ago. After I set my Domicile and Logbook time zone (both the same in my case) and set to import in Local (my schedule is avail in Local) it seemed to correct the problem.

Now the time in LBpro reflet local times as far as I can tell and correctly sequences.

FWIW, Question for Neal or others in the know, do LBpro times reflect how it was imported the APDL? (Zulu vs. Local)

P.S. you can still view and enter times in Zulu by selecting it on the top of the main page.
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Logbook Pro imports the times in the "Logbook Timezone" that is set in APDL. There is no way of telling in Logbook Pro what timezones are referenced in the OUT and IN times. This is why we recommend not to change the Logbook Timezone once set as you will lose some fidelity. (e.g. you start import times in zulu then change to another timezone. After a couple of changes you may have no idea what timezone the OUT and IN times are in).

The "import schedules in" is a commonly misunderstood setting in APDL. This setting refers to how APDL handles your imported pairings. Not how it imports to Logbook Pro. In my experiences most airlines publish their pairings in Local.

I personally view my logpage in ZULU and enter times in ZULU because that is how the FMS displays the times.
I agree

I am having the same problem as thepar. Couldn't LBP just weight the leg order as the highest priority for the sync, instead of Zulu time? Otherwise what is the point of having leg order in the APDL. Another suggestion is could you make it a possibility of shifting the line order in LBP itself? Drag and drop function?
Thanks for the clarificaion Eric. Now that I think about it, that is what corrected my problem. xterra, my suggestion would be to check the
"Logbook Time Zone" is set to correct UTC to you local time zone.

Its under "Logpage", "Options", "Preferences", "Setup"(upper right corner), "Time Zone Settings"

Mine was initially UTC and now is UTC -5 for the eastern US timezone
no problem with APDL. Schedule importer works fine, but unless I log times in local in APDL instead of ZULU as I want to LBP puts them in the wrong order. Sync log shows leg by leg. LBP changes order. As eric said in earlier post FMS reports in ZULU for out/in times. My math stinks:) and unless I look at release when I log time in APDL I will make mistakes. Please help.
sorry to hear that, i have no idea then. with the setup i have, i am still able to log in Zulu time (my math sucks also) and my Logbook Time Zone times are what apear in LBP.
Please submit this on a help ticket and I will try to help you further. Please send me a copy of the pairing that is giving your problems along with your Logbook Pro backup (FILE ARCHIVE BACKUP) and a copy your APDL files.

On the Pocket PC they are located in /My Documents/APDL in the Pocket PC.

In the Palm version they are located C:\Program Files\Palmone\{Palm User Name\backup

I am guessing it still is a minor issue with your preferences or timezone settings.
Change leg order in LBP?

I think somebody was hinting towards it earlier, but once you tranfer your info from APDL to LBP, can you then change the order by simply moving the legs up or down? if so how? thanks
Logbook Pro orders the legs by the date and time entered. To change the order you will have to manually reenter them. Typically it is just the last leg or two that people have problems with since it departed after midnight. In that case just change the date to move it.