Jul 28, 2005
I got a new Treo. I have all my info from Appforge, and when I put in the product key, it tells me that it is not valid, or is expired. I have it directly from them on an email. They do not respond to emails from me requesting a correction or SOME KIND OF ASSISTANCE.

Can you as the owner of this company contact them and tell them to give me a proper key, or can you give me a direct phone number to call them.

I dont know about everyone else, but I think this appforge thing is rediculous.
Thanks for your reply.

I did that and I got an error message that syas it is intended for Palm OS 4.x and below. Please contact the author.
That simply means you chose the wrong OS when going through the installation wizard. Uninstall "Logbook Pro Palm Companion" from your PC (Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs Area) then re-run the installation. Pay close attention to the questions when installing and choose the Palm OS 5.x option.
Let's purge Logbook Pro Palm Companion both from your PC and PDA, then reinstall again. Please follow the steps in this KB article. If that doesn't work, please provide more details such as which device you are using, Palm OS version, etc.