Jeppsen Printing with correct Carried forward Values


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May 26, 2009

I really like your program, therefore please dont consider this as a complaint. I don't trust computer records, currently have logged 3 hard drive crashes. Therefore, as tedious as it may seem, I still like having a paper copy of my logbook.

Unfortunately, I hate filling it out and would gladly change to one of your logbooks but the problem of not being able to set a carried forward time correctly is a big issue stopping me from making the move.

Everytime, you try to print out a Jeppsen Log page it assumes you are beginning from hour zero. I would think this would be a problem for most people. Am I doing something wrong, or am I interpretting it correctly/

Think of the money you could make on a lazy person like me if every page reflected the correct total times because the proper carried forward values were able to be entered.

Hello Larry,

I moved this up to the support thread in the forum as I think you may not be doing something right in the software and I'd like to help you.

When preparing a report you should almost ALWAYS click the ALL DATA button and NOT use a date filter. This will allow the page totals to always be correct and accurate even in a carry-over situation as you describe. What you need to do though is only PRINT the selected pages (page range) that you need.

For example, when doing turn-key follow-on print orders I only print the pages that are new (plus a little overlap) from the prior print job for this customer. However, I click the ALL DATA button on the date filter so the running totals are consistent, however, I only print the required pages needed for the job.

Does this answer your problem? If not please let me know and I'll address it further.
Thanks Neil for your timely effort at trying to answer my question. I currently have 3 full hand written versions of the big Jeppesen Logbooks. Unfortunately, I havent put anything to paper since 28 April 2002, therefore I probably have enough to fill another 3 full size jeppsens. Unfortunatly, I dont have the patience to sit down and record all those flights (2,379 flights) by hand.

So I would like to buy a Binder and have it continue from 28April2002 with the correct carried forward values and thus the correct totals on each page of my Jeppsen form. When I try to do that now by assembling a report from that date forward it always assumes I am carrying forward zero. If I assemble a report using all data I am unable to get 28April2002 to appear as the first entry on a page, because LBP assumes that throughout your logbook history you have always utilized every line in preceeding logbooks for a flight entry. Remember way back when instuctors might utilize 2 or three lines in your logbook for endorsements? That means an all data report will not properly continue where my last logbook left off.

If I could generate a jeppsen report beginning with a certain date and carried forward values, I could then take advantage of your other great items like binders and maybe printing services. Is that as clear as mud now?

thank you again,

Hello Larry,

It's hard to envision the problem as Logbook Pro sorts by Flight Date, but it sounds like you know what's going on. I don't know how to really resolve this type of issue as Logbook Pro can only report on the data in the query from the database. How would it know what totals to carry forward? You would have to have that entered somewhere. Please see this KB article and see if it helps you any in your situation. The only other option is to get those old logs entered into Logbook Pro and as I know you don't want to do that, maybe you'll let us do it for you? We offer a data entry service which you may not be aware of. Please scroll to the bottom of our Logbook Pro home page for more information. Hopefully we can come up with a solution to help you.