Backing Up Data

Jon Meeker

New member
Jul 11, 2006
I'm having trouble retrieving data that I have backed up. I have a folder on my desktop that I use for logbook pro data. When I try to open this folder with logbook pro I get a "invalid data" message and my computor locks up. I also get the same result when I backup to a flash drive and then try to retrieve the data. It's probably just user error as I'm not very computer literate. Does any body have any suggestions on how to best backup logbook pro? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks. Jon
Neal, this is exactly the problem (or part of the problem) you may remember us having a couple of weeks back, right down to the computer locking up - it is good to know we're not the only ones. If Jon is in this situation then, like us, I doubt he will be able to restore backed up files that simply - we certainly couldn't. Jon - we did eventually get it sorted with Neal's help so don't despair!