Backing up...


Jun 26, 2006
I have currently got an operational logbook after a few serious problems in the beginning and need to make sure I have it backed up in case the hard drive on my computer fails or anything else goes wrong in future. I do backups regularly but how can I store them off my computer just in case? I have tried saving the BAK file onto a memory stick but it's illegible on any other computer.
What's the trick?
Sorry, I see that others have asked something similar recently, but what I don't understand is how to access the logbook via the BAK file elsewhere.

You can create backups by clicking File..Archive..Backup. You should create the .BAK file on your local hard drive and then copy it to any media you wish outside of Logbook Pro. At a later date you can restore the .bak file by clicking File..Archive..Restore and restore it back to your licensed Logbook Pro edition. Please refer to the documentation for more information by clicking Help...Contents within Logbook Pro.
But if my hard drive has crashed and I'm having to use a different computer, how will I be able to access the File Archive Restore function? Would I have to download a new version of Logbook Pro, upload the BAK file from the memory stick and then try it?
As a sidenote, I often attach my .bak file to an email to myself (yahoo mail).

This way no matter what, there is a backup file of my logbook waiting for me. No worries about my computer dying, or mem sticks to lose, etc. I attach a .bak, and an exported .pdf of my entire log, just in case I need a hard copy.

Just my .02.
You'll need to reinstall Windows on your computer and then install Logbook Pro and restore the data file.

my laptop did crash and did not have any of my logbook entries backed up. when i was first installing logbook pro, it mentioned that you could install it on 2 seperate computers and your logbook would be available on both. i just re-installed logbook pro and have no data. do i have to go back and re-enter everything? thanks.

Please see the reply to your help ticket.

I am sorry to say there is no online backup currently available at Logbook Pro. If you were running Logbook Pro on 2 seperate PC's the files are sync'd using the Sync Wizard with the use of a Master and Clone Logbook Book.
does the bak file contain all the report formats, etc. as well as user data, or are there other files that should be moved to a new computer?