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Block Time issue..


New member
Nov 20, 2009
Hi all,
New to APDL; loaded my first pairing and days 2 and 3's block time seems fine, but the block time on day 1 is 35+49. I can't figure out whats going on. Day 1, first leg, says OUT at 0715 , IN at 0918, BLK 9+03!! The second two legs add up to 20 plus hours, giving a blck time of 35+ hours on day one.
Does anyone have an idea as to what may be causing this?
Check your timezone settings. Most likely you have your timezones misconfigured.

Eastern -5
Central -6
Moutain -7
Pacific -8

DST gets checked if at anytime during the year the airport uses DST.

Under Prefs...Timezone settings make sure you have DST is in effect unchecked

If the problem continues, please submit a help ticket.
block time issue

Thank you Eric,
-That's exactly what it is...I had the time zones misconfigured

-appreciate your help!!