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Bought product but it won't activate


New member
Jun 23, 2007
I recently bought the APDL product. I have the unlock code and entered it onto my Treo. I launched the Logbook Pro icon on my computer. I clicked on the "Activate" button and filled in all the data. I Hotsynch'd my Treo to my computer.

When I try to use the functions of the program, it says I'm still "evaluating" the program. I totally shut the Logbook Pro program down and re-launched the icon. I got the the screen again where it says BUY NOW, EVALUATE, or ACTIVATE.

I've registered twice, entering all my information in again. What am I doing wrong?


Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001

Confirm you purchased a license for Logbook Pro? Logbook Pro and APDL are two separate products sold separately. If you don't have a registration code starting with 01-01 or 01-02 you can buy a license instantly online by clicking here. If you require further assistance, please submit a support ticket as we cannot assist with registration issues on this public forum.