• Apple released it's annual update - iOS 17 for both iPhones and iPads. After preliminary testing we see no issues with both Logbook Pro and APDL on iOS 17. We will continue our thorough testing with the public release and follow up should we find any issues.

    We are giving a green light on iOS 17 for all of our iOS apps.

Resolved calendar sync issue


Apr 4, 2016
After installing the v7.9 my calendar was no longer syncing properly. After contacting Neal, he had me follow a few simple steps.

Settings>payroll> click on the payroll option that you would like to sync to your calendar and be sure to have that feature selected.

Thanks Neal!
Thank you for posting here vs. a support ticket so others can learn from your questions. Be sure to review the release notes as this is addressed as one of the many changes - yes, there is a lot of great new stuff you'll find in APDL Beta. Hope you like it. Thanks for testing.