can i Imort from PALM to pocket PC?


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Aug 25, 2006

My palm one Zire 72 is going down hill fast the screen is dying on it. I looked in to getting a new screen and I might as well buy new. So I’m thinking about buying a Pocket PC not sure witch company right now. But any how I have always used a palm and I have used APDL since version 1.0 way before this company took it over and I have not even been back since the change over. Yes I’m use very old version and they work better for me. Now I have years of logbooks on my PDA now and I will wont to import them over to the new pocket PC.

What I won’t to know is if I buy a pocket PC will I be able to import all those logs in to the Pocket PC?

Will every thing work just like the old way or what I’m use to?

If the answer is NO to any of these then ill just buy a new PDA and use all the old version witch work just fine for me. In other words I want a smooth transition no hiccups at all.

The versions that I am using now are old because old works better for me and never had any problems with them.

APDL Ver4.31
Schedule importer Ver5.4
Single Sync wizard Ver5.2a

I'm sorry but no, Palm data cannot be transferred to a Pocket PC device. We suggest synchronizing your old PDA with Logbook Pro then starting fresh with your new PDA, keeping it in sync with Logbook Pro as well.