Can't get info to PC


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Jan 22, 2004
I just got the PDA add-on for my friend who has the pc version. Both work, but now he can not download from the PDA to the PC's logbook. The only thing I can think of is thatthe PDA companion is under my name and ofcourse thePCprogramis under his. Is this a problem or is there something else I should be looking at? If I am right, then how do I go about changing it from my name to his.


PS: he is using the palm Tungsten T

I replied to your e-mail inquiry. The question is "what exactly" is not working. PC to PDA or PDA to PC? Please have the product owner submit a support ticket for assistance.


The currency and stats went from the PC to the PDA, but then when I tried to add a flight to the PDA and then Sync up to the PC the new flight was not added to the PC's logbook. Also, the PDA dose not contain the whole logbook, with each entry excessible on the PDA (though this may not be possible). The main thing is not being able to update the PC with new flight data from the PDA. I understand that I should use the "Import Palm companion data from merge Queue to Data Areas" choice under PDA companion, however this option has not become accessible yet even after Syncing.
Logbook Pro PDA Companions are not designed to carry the full logbook. PDA Companions are designed as "add-only" systems while away...add your flights, sync to the PC upon return.

To ensure the merge queue works, the PDA license code must be entered BOTH on the PC and PDA. You should see the option to Register in the PDA Companions\Palm Companion menu, unless it has already been registered.

A couple of things to try:
  1. Remove the app from the Palm device
  2. Uninstall AppForge Universal Conduit from Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs
  3. Ensure you have Logbook Pro 1.9.5 installed
  4. From the PDA Companions\Palm Companion menu, choose the Install option
  5. Follow the dialogs, reattempt the process after ensuring your license code is entered on the device and PC for the PDA companion

I too am unable to sync new entries from the palm to pc log. After a hotsync, data is updated on the companion and when opening LogbookPro there is a message asking if I'd like to import new data into the logbook. I select yes every time, however on opening the PC logbook there is no new data. The last entry in fact is the last entry completed on the PC. I am concerned that if I re install the Palm companion and Appforge I will ultimately lose all data not yet saved in LogbookPro without any guarantee that importing new data will then be successful.
I suggest purging the Palm Logbook from the Tools menu on the main switchboard screen area, ensure you have the latest version of Logbook Pro AND both the PDA and PC have your Palm Companion registration codes entered.

Try this procedure first:

-Uninstall the application from the Palm (Close Logbook Pro, go to the main screen, view the menu, go to Delete Apps, delete 'Lbk Pro' 'Booster' and all entries with 'ingot' within the text)

-On the PC, go to your Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs area and uninstall 'AppForge Universal Conduit'


-Start Logbook Pro

-Under the PDA Companions\Palm Companion menu, click the Install option, follow the prompts, install...

Enter registration codes, retry the data entry and sync.