Change Jobs and Start over


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Feb 5, 2006
Salt Lake City, UT
Howdy, I've been using APDL for the past 2 years and all of my data is sync'ed up with Logbook pro. I am changing jobs and would like to reset my APDL on my Pocket PC and start from scratch. I know I can control the data that goes to the Logbook pro by simply adjusting the date on the SINGLE SYNC.

But what is the best way to reset all of the data in APDL. Mainly just interested in reseting all of the AIRCRAFT and AIRPORTS and databases.

Should I just delete all of the DDD files (APDL-yyyymm) and then edit the APDL-AIRCRAFT.XML and APDL-AIRPORTS.XML files and remove all of the data from them?

I'm a little nervous about removing and reinstalling for fear of something getting messed up.

Thanks for the help!

It's a great program and so nice that my logbook is up to date after each SYNC!!!
To reset Aircraft and Airport lists on the PPC:

1) Use the menu, options, exit button from APDL on your PPC

2) Open the My Documents\APDL folder

3) delete the APDL-AIRCRAFT.XML and APDL-AIRPORTS.XML files.

4) Re-run APDL for the PPC. It will recreate both deleted files to there original settings.
Thanks Paul, does deleting the DDD files sound OK for cleaning up the rest? I'll be sure to adjust the date in the single sync so it doesn't erase those flights from Log Book Pro.

I would think this would be something you may want to do after a couple of years otherwise it becomes several file that have to get synced up everytime you do a sync.

Thanks again for your response.
1) Run APDL SingleSync to make a complete backup of your logbook.

2) From the PPC, tap (Options) (Archive) and select the year to archive up to.

3) The *.ddd files for all years up to and including the selected year will be moved to an "Archive" folder under the "My Documents\APDL" folder. You can use ActiveSync's "Explore" button to move the "Archive" folder off your PPC to your PC for safe keeping.