cirrus printable pages


Oct 14, 2005
I have some questions, I just bought a three-pack of 50 sheets each to print out my logbook.

How many flights can typically fit on each page? Also has anyone that has used these to print out... do you typically just have enough columns to fit a page, or does each flight use enough columns to use the other page as well (like a traditional logbook). This would cut the amount of flights in half.

How have people handled this? I want it to look professional!

The number of lines per page depends on whether you have the Premier/Old-World series, which I believe is 19 lines per page, or the Full Size Desk/Carry Model series, which I believe is 21 lines per page. You'll want to use the Split-Report style reports, be sure to review the "Reports" topic of the Logbook Pro documentation accessed by clicking Help...Contents. And be sure to test print on draft paper before using your Cirrus Elite paper.