column totals in Jeppesen reports


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Oct 3, 2002
Hi Neal,
I am trying to print my logbook using a Jeppesen customized template but am having a bit of problem with the OUT/IN columns. The report seems to try to total the times in these columns, resulting in inappropriate numbers appearing in the total row on each page. Can the sum function be deselected for these columns?

I know the group header text can be deleted/changed, but can the group header cell(s) be deleted too, or is that fixed?

The OUT/IN columns are really not designed to be displayed on a report, otherwise you will experience the issue as you mention. No to your second question, delete and resizing is not supported in the custom template system. We expect a far more advanced system in the next version of Logbook Pro, when that time comes.
Thanks Neal,
As a UK/JAA licensed pilot, I am required to log OI times as well as duration. As a resulte, this requires a little manipulation of the column format, with the result that it looks a little strange. It would really be great if these features could be added.
thx for all your support. It's a great product.