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Combining 2 Tail Numbers


Mar 4, 2006
I have an aircraft that I presently am flying that I logged time as the previous tail number and then created a new aircraft tail when it changed. Is there an easy way to combine the two tail numbers into a single tail number?
No, you will have to manually change the tail numbers. The best way to do this is sort/filter the flights so all you see are the two tails in question. Then change the first one to the correct tail number and copy it to the clipboard.

Now just use the down arrow to go to the next row and press CNTRL + V to paste the new tail number. You should be able to do this fairly quickly.
It would be useful to be able to define an individual aircraft by make, model and S/N. Tail numbers can change.

I work for a company that has retained certain N-numbers throught the years because of the historical significance of the numbers to the company. One of them has been used on at least 5 different aircraft, once on the same make and model. Also, in the process of changing aircraft, we re-registered the trade-ins with slightly different numbers shortly before selling or trading them. Makes keeping track of the actual airframes very difficult.

As far as I can tell, this currently isn't possible in Logbook Pro. In the works for future versions?
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