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Complex vs Retractable


New member
May 15, 2010
Hi all,

I just got LBP and it's my first time posting here. I'm very impress with LBP so far! Very good work!

However, I have a question. In Option -> Aircraft, there are check boxes for "complex" and "retractable." However, to my understanding, complex aircraft has to have retractable gear anyways. So, I'm wondering what is the "retractable" checkbox is for.


Hello Vincent,

Welcome to Logbook Pro, I'm glad you like it. Complex and Retractable may be redundant in your case, keep in mind we support the globe, so while it may be redundant for you it may not be for others. Retractable is specifically the landing gear. I suggest checking all that apply as you'll see Logbook Pro generates reports based off of this information such as can be seen in Reports/Aircraft/Aircraft Configuration Summary.

Hope this helps...